Processories is a Danish design company making process tools for meetings, conferences and learning environments.

Deeply rooted in Nordic traditions of democracy, community and openness our core idea is to put people first - designing and producing tools that enable constructive dialogues.

In a world where communication, knowledge sharing and collaboration are pillars for success we see our tools as analogue hardware for the modern workforce and students.

From more than a decade of practical experience we know by heart that the right methods can increase learning, creativity, health and happiness in companies, meeting rooms and schools.

Our mission is to make process tools physical, beautiful and easily accessible in the everyday work and learning environment. Efficient methods of facilitation and cocreation should not be saved for special events but deserve a place in every office, meeting room, class room and auditorium.


Processory Pro*ces"so*ry, n.; pl. Processories.

"That which is used as the instrument of communication, visualisation or development; a tool designed to enhance and guide people-centered processes such as dialogue, idea generation and decision making. P. is characterised by having a physical form and shape to guide a certain set of actions. Aims to make complex issues comprehensible. Originates from contemporary group facilitation practice based on creative methods and -thinking."


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